Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ya Rasulullah!!

Ikutilah sebuah kisah indah daripada remaja Turki. Sumber alhussyen51. Ia bisa merutun hati dan membuatkan air mata mengalir merindui Rasulullah Sallahualaih wasalam. Hayatilah.

Besarkan skrin anda untuk translasi dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

Hayatilah bait-bait sajak yang indah ini.

We ask for mercy
by the tongue of the sinful
from Allah the Most Revered

O messenger of Allah
your life is mercy to the worlds flowing in our hearts
we see you with our hearts
at age one
you are with the clan of BaniSa'ad
all of the caretakers refused to tend to you
for that the clouds were upset
so they stopped sending rain
the lands of Bani Sa'ad went dry
a small cloud in the sky
infatuated with you
always shading you
people gathered to pray for rain

Sayyeda Halima is holding you closely
protecting you from the scorching sun
the small cloud in the sky
is still taken by you
always following you
the priest was holding you while praying
he looks at your beautiful eyes
and forget about the thirst, the rain, and the prayers
but you did not forget
those eyes captivated the cloud

Oh how we would give up our souls for a glimpse of those eyes
the cloud was bewitched by that look
and it began to grow little by little, the raindrops began to descend
most of them don't know why it rained
most of them don't know whou you are

at age six
on your way to Al Madina Al Munawwara
alongside your mother and Um Aiman
you feel orphaned standing on your father's grave
In Abwa'a you lose your mother
you enter Makkah orphaned from both parents

Abdul Muttalib loved you even more
Abu Talib love you even more

O messenger of Allah
did Makkah's children call upon their mother's before you?
did you look down every time they cry "mommy"?
how many times did the winds of Makkah carry your tears to the Abwa'a?
How many nights you cried "mommy,mommy"?

O beloved
For you we call our mothers "mom"
For you we call our fathers " dad"

at age twenty-five
you're different than all people
no one was even close to your character
your heavenly scent is full of mercy
your voice brings peace
you are Muhammad the trustworthy

at age thirty three
waves of mercy are overflowing
at age thirty five
come o beloved, no more delay
deep sighs are knocking on the sky's doors
come o beloved, no more delay
hearts are longing for the long awaited messenger
come o beloved, no more delay!

you are invited to the mountain of Noor
at age forty
you are in the cave of Heraa on the mountain of Noor
Angel Gabriel descends from the heavens
every part of existence sends its peace & prayers

the hearts of all creatures long for you
you are to us like the light of dawn, amongst the darkness of night
you are the prophet of Allah
you are the beloved of Allah
you are the messenger of Allah

why did the sadden you o great one?
why did they attack you?
Is it because Abu Talib died?
Is it because no one left to protect you?
it is as if we can see your tears at the Kaa'ba
as if you are saying " I felt loneliness after losing you o uncle"

we remember your prayers in al Haram
when they put dirt on your head
oh we would give up our heads to protect yours O messenger of Allah
look how those misfortunate watch and laugh

who is that running towards you int the streets of Makkah?
who is that running as if the throne descended from heaven?
who is running, they wonder
someone answers
Fatimah the daughter of Muhammad
the mother of the righteous
your dear daughter wipes with her hands your eyes & face
she looks like you the most
she was almost you when she laughed or cried
it's like we can see you say " don't cry my daughter"

why did they push you out of your city?
is it because you were alone?
didn't they realize who is protecting you?
the One that found you orphaned and looked after you?
the One who sent you as the mercy to the worlds?
they said " you're insane"
you did not answer them
they said "you're insane"
you're a rhymester
you did not answer them

they said"who will protect and save you from us"?
you answered "Allah"
"Allah the Most Revered"

the heavens were enveloped with awe
you say "Allah"
and the high throne trembles
you said "Allah" in Badr
and He sent you three thousand angels with their horses
125,000 companion with you

they all say we'd forgo our parents for you, O messenger of Allah
O messenger of Allah
you walk in the streets of Madina
the little girls of Bani alNajjar clan saw you
they were so happy they didn't know what to do
you asked them " do you love me?"
yes we love you o beloved of Allah, the replied

you said " Allah knows that I love you too
so many youth today
are not from the clan of bani alNajjar
but they also love you
their tears witness that they love you more than themselves
no one for them except you

Allah knows that you love them as well
at age sixty
you pray and say " the Highest Companion"
you wear a cloak made of wool for you
with white garments
you wore it and went out to your companions
and you slapped your hands on your knees
and said "look how beautiful it is?"
one of your companions called upon you
give it to me o messenger of Allah
why did he ask it when he knows that you like it?
and he certainly knows that you will never saya no?
you gave it to him

and you went back to your old patched cloak
meeting the Beloved is one week away
they made for you similar cloaks many times
you were not destined to wear any of them

you sent the news through your companion Abu Huraira
that some people will come after me and say
we wish to see our prophet even if it costs us our wealth and children
you talked with your companion Anas about your longing for your brothers
you said " I miss my brothers, those who believe in me without seeing me"
O beloved, you sadly call from the Madina podium " my nation, my nation"
you're the one who prayed for all people from makkah's mosque
with the grace of Allah, we kneeled and testified that you are the final messenger of God
we believe all of what you brought from God
we listened and we obey

O messenger of Allah
you're still at age forty
and you're still leading your nation

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