Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kempen seringgit seorang !

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Baru nak derma dah call off... Padan muka aku, lambat sangat update. So, setakat berkongsi sahaja mengenai perkembangan Raja Petra!

Walk With RPK : One Ringgit One Person

Posted by Erin
Tuesday, 06 May 2008

PLEASE we only need RM1 from you, nothing more.

Latest Update :

updates 09.09am 7th May 2008 - Total Donation after we call off the campaign

  • From CIMB bank account : RM24,500.00 (still waiting updates from Puan Marina, but the donation still keep coming in even after we mark the account number with **** sign)
  • From Paypal account : $4,330.10 USD (net total, after deduction of fee charges by Paypal services, last donation received at 5.47pm 6th May 2008. Updates on Paypal Fund Withdrawal process will be published at Special Report section)

Respond to comments: The proposal for using excess fund for political purpose will be forwarded to RPK.

Message from MT's Team: 5.30pm 6th May 2008

We would like to CALL OFF the donation campaign as we already collected enough fund to at least bail out our dearest YM RPK. It is the matter of RPK principle, and collecting excess wouldn't be appreciated by him. As stated aerlier, all excess will be given to charitable home/center, and RPK or his family will make known of the statement from time to time. Thank you MALAYSIAN for supporting MALAYSIA TODAY!

"ONE RINGGIT ONE PERSON" RPK's court bail donation can be deposit into this account:


Bank: XXXX

Account No.: xxxx xxxx xxxx xx

Account Name Holder: Xxxxxxxxxxx

notes: the account number supplied by RPK's wife and she knows Mr.Visva well


updates 1045: we are waiting for RPK to approve on using PayPal Donation -- RPK approved at 1105. To donate via PayPal please click the donate button the Right Column --->

updates 1231: RPK's bail out set to RM5,000.00

updates 1616: Account statement made by RPK's wife on the donation as at 4pm today

From CIMB bank account : RM24,500.00
From Paypal account : $3,283.61 USD (net total, after deduction of fee charges by Paypal services)

Message from RPK's wife and family:

Only RM5,000.00 is needed to bail out RPK. The remaining balance will be given to charitable home of RPK's choice. We would like to thank you all for your tremendous supports.

updates 1730: CALL OFF donation campaign

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